Count Your Blessings

Do something radical. Count your blessings, name them one by one Literally. Do it. Write them down. Meditate on all the good stuff in your life. Maybe even give thanks. (the fact that this follows yesterdays “Making Lists” musing is just coincidental … he asserts … our maybe it’s the positive application) #47 of #100DaysToOffload take 2.1,

Try writing more, you'll worry less

The past couple weeks, I’ve intentionally cut the phone out my morning routine. I was already writing a daily journal (on paper), about a page or two a day. I’ve always found that to be cathartic, as well as a good way to organize my thoughts and do some day-to-day planning. Now I’m writing two daily journals.

Death, Taxes, and Job

Today I’m going to pay my taxes, work on updating my living will and health care power of attorney, telling others when I want doctors to pull the plug if I can’t make that decision myself.

Death and taxes. You can’t live with them, and they get you in the end.

When discussing death, taxes, and “I know I’m right, why is all this bad stuff happening to me?”, there’s no better place to turn than Job…


In I said Bruce moved on from there to be VP of MSN at Microsoft for a while. Arguably a “Highly Successful Person” Which, of course, begs (assumes, cedes) the question: What is success? Bruce embraced the management track. I’ve fairly consistently and actively dodged it, ironically after Bruce promoted me to my first supervisory role … managing the development of a web-page creation tool for CompuServe’s “MySpace”-like web page publishing system … from there I took a hard career turn into the security world focusing on Internet security, routers, linux/unix, etc.

Mark Twain quote on cryptocurrency (via ChatGPT)

make up a mak twain quote about crypocurrency

Here is a possible quote that Mark Twain might have said about cryptocurrency:

“The only thing more elusive than the value of cryptocurrency is the person who invented it. They must be a master of misdirection, for they have managed to convince the world that a string of numbers and letters has worth.”

A poem about Pete Rose? A LATIN poem about Pete Rose? A bash script to search files and contents? Advice on investing beat the market and inflation? How to pack for a week long backpacking trip?