Curious Musings

Curious Musings is a place I put up thoughts on life, family, work, security, the outdoors, etc.

In this stage of life, I am increasingly seeing myself being “Full of wise saws and modern instances” as Shakespeare described men playing parts in the later stage of life You’ve learned things, you have perspective, and you feel the need to share (but, alas, one of the things I’ve learned is that people tend not to listen or learn from advice …. it seems people have a need to repeat the same mistakes)

As someone who started work at CompuServe, the original walled garden, I am sensitive to my content remaining free and available. The content here is made available under the terms of the CC BY 4.0 license: you can use it, you can change it, you can sell it, just say where it came from and what you changed.

Curious Musisings is created with Hugo Go, a free open-source site generator. It is designed and authored on a free Linux OS using Emacs org-mode and ox-hugo. Bandwidth is currently supplied free of charge by Github.

I am grateful to JTR for his TAONAW blog which I used as a model/too for learning Hugo and ox-hugo.

And, of course

The opinions expressed in this [FOO] are mine, and not those of my employer. In fact, they may not even be mine. I may have changed my mind. I may have grown beyond a particular opinion. I may be trolling you. I may be engaging in Socratic dialog to tear down your beliefs. I may be tearing down my own beliefs. γνῶθι σεαυτόν!