There's a lot to be said for climbing mountains

Vulgate (Latin): Matthew Chapter 5

1 Videns autem Jesus turbas, ascendit in montem...

or, roughly (my translation):

Jesus, however, seeing the crowd/mob/political disturbance went up on
the mountain...

The word “turba” per my paper dictionary tends towards a crowd that is politically disturbed. It can also mean an eddy (water) or a child’s spinning top. Per it means…

stir, disturbance, tumult, uproar, trouble
mob, crowd, throng

The world is like that. You have to get a way to clear your head, to see clearly, to literally “get above it all”. I like going up mountains (of the 1000 to 3000 foot variety in the eastern US).

Apparently, Jesus had this figured out. This was his opening move to set the scene for delivering the most profound sermon in history: “Blessed are the poor in poor in spirit…the meek..the peacemakers…those who thrust and hunger for righteousness…”

Go climb a mountain. See what happens (in your mind) next.