Privacy: what is it and why do we care? …

In this world where Big Internet firms track you to sell you stuff (and to sell YOU), big Government tracks you because, well, they can, and where I found myself on a motion activated camera when backpacking alone in the “backcountry” in an attempt to “get away from it all”, I’ve spend some time thinking about privacy.

Life is short. I could spend a lot of time registering domain names, managing certificates, running my own mail server, de-googling, convincing my friends and family to use nifty new security and privacy apps, and generally fighting the privacy fight as an individual against entire well-funded industries and governments. Or I could just live my life secure in the knowledge that Google and Amazon know what I’m thinking of purchasing even before I do.

This is the first in what will probably be a series of blog posts exploring the following (current outline):

 **** TODO Privacy: Motion activated cameras strapped to trees in the woods?
 **** TODO Privacy: An attainable end state? A lost cause?
 **** TODO Privacy: A path to making a living via bureaucracy?
 **** TODO Privacy: Something to rant about ... with words.
 **** TODO Privacy: Rage against the machine ... with code?
 **** TODO Privacy: Hiding out on the digital frontier?
 **** TODO Privacy: A process, an ideal, one part of life?

Stay tuned.

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