All we are saying, is give init.el a chance

On this Armistice Day, 2020, commemorating the end of “The war to end all wars” 119 years ago, I reflect that if the whole world were busy fiddling with their emacs configs there would be no more war. Well… so the treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations did not work out as planned…so maybe we look for community in the small instead.

There is community that has grown out of research labs in Boston (a city notable for its contribution to the birth of other well known communities). Some of the well known members of the community that I am acquainted with include a Chinese programmer living in Palo Alto, a philosophy major in France, an Astronomy professor in the Netherlands, a programmer in New Zealand, a Fin living in the United states and a Filipina mother of a 4 year old living in Canada and of course it’s founder, still in Boston.

All we are saying, is give init.el a chance.

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