Hello twtxt

And in the to-simple-to-be-true category…

twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.


 $ twtxt tweet "Is there anybody out there, just nod if you can hear me"

Install twtxt

pip3 install twtxt

Configure twtxt

twtxt config
 $ cat ~/.config/twtxt/config
nick = gmj
twtfile = /home/gmj/twtxt.txt
twturl = http://www.port111.com/george/twtxt.txt
disclose_identity = True
character_limit = 140
character_warning = 140

twtxt = https://buckket.org/twtxt_news.txt
adiabatic = https://www.frogorbits.com/twtxt.txt
beyond = https://enotty.dk/beyond.txt
jcolag = https://john.colagioia.net/twtxt.txt
vain = https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt
prologic = https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt
antonio = https://twtxt.net/user/antonio/twtxt.txt

Post some tweets

$ twtxt tweet  This is incredible.  Simple.  Text.  Decentralized :-\)
$ twtxt tweet  There is life after twitter.  https://eludom.github.io/blog/goodbye-twitter/
$ twtxt tweet Thanks @prologic

Push my twtxt.txt file to the server (dropbox, github, s3 buckets, etc would do…anything with a public URL)

scp twtxt.txt gmj@port111.com:~/public_html/george/twtxt.txt

Follow someone:

twtxt follow prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt

Read your timeline

$ twtxt timeline

Some of the docs



And if you want a browser based interface that does threading, etc (BUT requires a login…)


Day 32 of #100DaysToOffload.