Try writing more, you'll worry less

The past couple weeks, I’ve intentionally cut the phone out my morning routine. I was already writing a daily journal (on paper), about a page or two a day. I’ve always found that to be cathartic, as well as a good way to organize my thoughts and do some day-to-day planning. Now I’m writing two daily journals.

The second journal is an attempt to capture family history and oral tradition. A lot of history, artifacts and stories have landed on me after 150 or 200 years. I’m “getting them out” in a semi-organized manner, using what I know of peoples financial circumstances as writing prompts. There will probably be online versions later, but I find the process of writing on paper leads to much more creativity at the start.

Which leads me back to the start of this post. You can start you day doom-scrolling, filling your head with sound bites, stories of political (and other) apocalypses, or you can use the time to create, reflect and plan before spending the time you are given this day. Your choice.

(turns out this is version 2 of my previous post…)

#45 of #100DaysToOffload take 2.1,