EmacsConf 2022 - Day 1

So, day 1 of EmacsConf 2022 is in the books. Another eclectic mash up of everything from the “Emacs Buddy Initiative” to a geeky dive on how to Edit live Jupyter notebook cells with Emacs (no, really, I like editing everything in browser text boxes … not!) to a serious proposal for a new economic model for software: Maintaining the Maintainers: Attribution as an Economic Model for Open Source

Thanks to the organizers (Sacha Chua and friends) the conference came off almost without a glitch, run entirely on open source software (Big Blue Button, IRC, etc.). Notepads, live Q&A, pre-recorded talks, most of them already up, captioned with transcripts, for free.

Things I’m probably going to look into as a result of this are the Tree-sitter beyond syntax highlighting for syntax-aware editing of python, bash, etc., the logistics of Attending and organizing Emacs meetups (who knew there were people using Org mode tables to analyze real-estate deals, tracking and visualizing health data, or envisioning GNUS as the core of a system to replace Microsoft, Apple and Google ?), and hooking Emacs to edit text boxes (think code in Jupyter Notebooks, huge SQL blocks in BigQuery web console, JIRA and Confluence forms, etc.)

Looking forward to day 2.

#37 of #100DaysToOffload take 2.1, https://100daystooffload.com/