Aristotle identified three types of friendship - friendships of association, utility and virtue. Who were you “best friends” with in early school years? Do you keep up with your old co-workers? Who has hurt you deeply, yet you still wish them the best?

This morning I listend to a podcast that gave a summary of Aristotle’s classification of friendships. This is a summary of a summary of a summary of one of the greatest thinkers in human history. Aristotle classed friendships in three categories (and this is from memory, so I’m pretty sure I’m not naming them they way Wikipedia or Aristotle’s Ethics would)

Friendships of Associaiton
School friends, sports team members, people I meet hiking.
Friendships of Utility
Most of your Linked-in contacts.
Friendships of Virtue
People you care about (and who care about you) for their (your) own sake. I’m thinking a Mother’s love for a child falls here (but that may be a category all by itself). Who do you love “just because”? Who want’s the best for you even if you hurt them deeply?

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