It's Manjaro !!!

2022-10-17:14:06:52: Installing and migrating to Manjaro
2022-10-17:14:29:04: pacman -Syu # update pacman
2022-10-17:14:30:06: sudo pacman -Syu # update pacman
2022-10-17:14:30:23: sudo pacman -S ed # install ed
2022-10-17:14:32:41: scp -v -r -p . # copy stow files
2022-10-17:14:33:39: sudo pacman -S stow # instal stow
2022-10-17:14:47:04: # INFO - Arch runs zsh by default. Cool prompt stuff. Not quite bash
2022-10-17:14:59:24: sudo pacman -S emacs
2022-10-17:15:06:51: stow home.public.emacs.d/
2022-10-17:15:07:49: # and emacs just worked tail /home/gmj/var/log/!
2022-10-17:15:14:31: # INFO enable sshd on arch
2022-10-17:15:26:12: TODO figure out the relationship between bash an zsh on arch. Looks like I'm really running zsh.
2022-10-17:15:26:31: TODO create a backup account
2022-10-17:17:29:28: DONE install all my stow files
2022-10-17:17:37:07: DONE install bind
2022-10-17:17:42:07: DONE installed mlocate
2022-10-18:05:51:17: DONE sudo pacman -S xclip
2022-10-19:06:21:54: TODO figure out how to start bash, not zsh
2022-10-19:06:22:18: IN-PROGRESS backing up ed to archive drive
2022-10-19:06:22:49: IN-PROGRESS copying /home/gmj/home/public /home/gmj/home/private /home/gmj/home/secret to mx
2022-10-19:06:23:21: DONE installed jupyter-notebook and pandas and matplotlib
2022-10-19:06:29:34: DONE sudo pacman -S hugo
2022-10-19:06:33:46: DONE sudo pacman -S community/speedtest-cli

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