To self host or not to self host, that is the question?

Shelving the self hosting for a while. Just gonna push the static blog up to my 20 year old Hurricane Electric shell account. URL redirection is a marvelous thing. This is not your fathers CNAME record.

After my raspberry pi died (when I unplugged it from the new UPS that was supposed to keep it up), and I manifestly failed for 2 weeks to allocate the time to rebuild it, I decided to let other people run the system and network. While it’s fun/retro to go back to doing all my own systems admin, networking and security work on top of a day job that has me on a vertical learning curve with systems, networking, security, databases, programming etc at the end of the day, literally at the end of the day, I just don’t have it in me to sit in front of a computer and do more computer stuff.

So I will let the nice people at Hurricane Electric with whom I’ve had an a shell account for ~20 years run the system, the web server and the network (they are really good at that). Every time I send mail to I get what seems like a genuinely interested geek replying.

Division of labor. What a concept.

I’ve got other things in life that need attention and time now (and some world events that are sucking up attention)

#17 of #100DaysToOffload take 2,