IPv6 Day

Today was the day I made the choice to live for an entire work-day on an IPv6-only network. And it worked. I’ve been watching this slow train comin’ for 30 years. Now I’m holding my breath for CNLP :-)

I consciously, actively spent an entire day (well, work day) on a hotspot that was serving up only v6. This has been 30 years coming. I was on the big-ip mailing list as far back as 1992 that was discussing how to get past the impending crisis in 32 big IPv4 addressing. That was when the Web was just about to happen and I think getting an allocation may have involved sending email to Jon Postel. CIDR was introduced in 1993. NAT, BGP and DHCP came long, and countless other engineering and social hacks kept things functioning (and killed the end-to-end principal).

I’m sure I’ve been using v6 in lots of places (my phone) without doing any setup or making any choice to enable it, but today was the day I “turn on” v6 explicitly and lived there for a day. And it worked.

Ironically, one of the days tasks involved trying to identify and enumerate usage of v6 in some networks where it appears to have very little actual deployment.

#6 of #100DaysToOffload take 2, https://100daystooffload.com/