Career counseling should not take itself too seriously.

These are some musings I sent to a friend who is a career counselor at a local community college.

Short version: I’m pretty sure I could not have planned my current career in “IT” and “Cybersecurity” when neither of those terms even existed until well into my career.

In my journal this morning I wound up writing about 8 pages on “how did I get here” towards the end of what has arguably been as mostly successful career in IT cybersecurity. Except that neither the words “IT” nor “cybersecurity” existed until well into my career. One of my conclusions is that it would have been impossible to plan my career. It might be possible to plan careers in fields where technology does not change, where personal connectoms don’t matter, and where being in the right place at that right time dont matter. In my case, those (and, well, providence and an aversion to lying, management and marketing) were the drivers.

Pretty sure career counseling as a field needs to not take itself too seriously.

We had a long exchange where she made some cogent points in defense of her profession. Sometimes I stake out a possibly-extreme position as a way of starting conversations. I may expand on that conversation in future posts.

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