"This train's got the disappearing railway blues"

I recently took an Amtrak trip form Pittsburgh to Tucson and back. My cousin asked me

How was the Amtrak ride? It went through Chillicothe for a few years maybe in the 1970’s. Then B&O/CSX abandoned the tracks.

and noted

in the 1920’… there were 5 passenger trains a day from Cincinnati to Columbus

Figure 1: “Trains” by George Jones is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Figure 1: “Trains” by George Jones is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Some pix from trip are here https://pixelfed.social/p/eludom/392240376640730492

The trip was long. 6 days on the train for what would have been two 4 hour flights. But no airport. No TSA !!! And it’s relaxing. Would NOT want to do a trip of that length in coach. The sleepers are tiny, but still. And it comes with “dinner in the dinner, nothing could be finer” and COFFEE!!!

I think the train service to Chillicothe stopped in the 60s. Mom and Dad took us (or maybe just my older brother) on one of the last trains.

Government officials seem to be stuck on the need for modes of transportation that stopped working 70 years ago, in part because of government action in the form of federal highway subsidies, in part because, well, airplanes, which were the work of a couple Ohio boys form Dayton. Now they want force everyone to subsidize the one they killed and make the other so unpleasant that it’s unusable.