9 days of #100DaysToOffload

1 Experiences after 9 days of blogging

About 3 weeks ago I decided to start blogging. For various still ill-defined reasons, some of which I explored in a blog post contemplating the fate of writing and writers great and small. But it’s still somewhat mushy.

I spent some time coming up the curve on the Hugo framework for building static web sites and the emacs org mode counterpart ox-hugo which let me put up my Curious Musings blog.

The a few days after that on Fosstodon (open source distributed social media) I came across the https://100daystooffload.com/ challenge which, basically encourages you to “just write”. Good timing. Here it is.

I’ve put out a couple posts that I’ve put some work into like this one about Awesome online singing from Denmark to Australia, and social distancing too! and a tribute to Steve Wilhite who was my first mentor and whom some of you know as the creator of GIF (a very minor output of Steve’s total work that just happened to stick). Some post have been quick.

2 “Yes, but what if everyone did this”?

Yesterday, also on Fosstodon, Per Gregory@g had this say:

“Social media: Don’t use it to impress people, use it to impact people” ~ unknown

I love this, and I’m going to remind myself of it when on social media.

Wise words. Basically, “it’s not about me” (unless you take the catharsis or hubris angles I explored earlier). OK, it should not be all about me.

3 Who is this post for?

So who is this post for and is it useful? You be the judge.

Maybe you’re interested in getting started blogging, or wondering what software you could use, or where you could find new online communities that are not monitized by ads, or you want to pay tribute to someone, or you’re interested in organizing online choral singing, or joining meet-ups of new online communities during social distancing. Then this post might be for you.

Day 09 of #100DaysToOffload.